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The Jive Hive:

09 December 2013

the tunes...

  • Little Richard "Dancing All Around the World"

  • Mary Love "Lay This Burdon Down"

  • Earl English & the Apaches "Trying to Make Ends Meet"

  • The Black on White Affair "Funky Manuel"

  • South Street Soul Guitars "Whatcha Got To Give?"

  • Horace Family "God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes"

  • Sister Wynona Carr "Dragnet For Jesus"

  • Wanda Davis "Save Me"

  • Freddie Gorman "There Can Be Too Much"

  • Pamoja "Oooh Baby"

  • The Crystal Mansion "Boogie Man"

  • Pat Hunt "Super Cool (You're Just Super Fool)"

  • Barbara Howard "I Don't Want Your Love"

  • Harvey "Anyway You Wanna"

  • Sani & Matues "The World, Pt. 1"

  • Lightning Rod "Doriella du Fonatine"

  • Emphasis "Rocking Bird"

  • John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers "No Reply"

  • Al Green "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

  • Barbara West "You're No Good"

  • The "Great" Deltas "Tra La La"

  • Ray Charles "What Kind of Man Are You"

  • Little Jimmy Tyson & the Highway Robbers "Who Will Be the Next Fool"

  • The Trinikas "Remember Me"

  • Enrique Olivarez "Al's Place"

  • The Funkees "Breakthrough"

  • Mike & the Modifiers "I've Got To Find Myself a Brand New Baby"

  • Dee Edwards "I Can Deal With That"

  • Sarah Simpson "I Kicked the Habit, Pt. 1"

  • Eddie Kirk "The Hawg, Part One"


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